Welcome to Index Busters

Do you believe that readers, especially reviewers, tend to overlook your book’s index?

In reality, every part of your book receives scrutiny, and the quality of each component, including the index, influences the judgment of your book. A missing or low-quality index can tarnish the quality of your work, like a blemish on a flawless piece of art. This imperfection not only affects the overall impression of your book but also reflects on the author’s craftsmanship.

Index Busters is here to add value to your book. We are a guild of indexing professionals with decades of combined experience across diverse domains.

Having one of our professionally crafted indexes can:

Sell Your Book

Librarians and other significant buyers gauge a book’s quality by its index. They distinguish between a good and a bad one. Additionally, since the index is freely accessible on platforms like Amazon, readers use it to assess if your book aligns with their needs. The bottom line is that good indexes sell books.

Give Value to Your Readers

A book index can add or take away from your book. It can also do the same to your reputation.

Your readers anticipate a book index, and they use it. Indexes significantly ease the general overview of the content, but also ease referencing and citing information. A well-crafted index that considers diverse readers and their potential queries is invaluable. It renders your book more comprehensive.

Save your time

An author can make a good index, of course. There’s no secret rule that says they can’t. But they have to really learn the rules guidelines and theory first. And they have to deal with publishers’ style guides and manual sorting of entries which could be so frustrating. Therefore giving your book to a professional index can save your time which is essential in the moment when you should focus on final production and marketing.

Protect Your Reputation

A book index can either enhance or diminish your book and, subsequently, your reputation. Similar to every other part of the book, the index reflects on you as an author. A good index elevates the quality and professionalism of your book, while a subpar one can be detrimental. Consider the index as a living appendage to your book, integral to the whole; treat it with the same care as the rest of your work.

Having collaborated with over 800 individual authors and indexed more than 1550 books, we’ve earned our reputation as one of America’s premier indexing teams. Our strength lies not only in our decades of experience but also in our diverse backgrounds, equipping us with the expertise to tackle an extensive array of topics in the sciences and humanities, but also biographies and collected works.

They delivered exactly what they promised. In ten days I had a very good index for my book at a reasonable price.

Scott Carney Best selling author of “The Wedge”