Any work of non-fiction should include a professional index. Not finding a clear and organized index at the back of the book can be pretty frustrating for potential users. An index can be the difference between whether a reader will buy a certain book or not. If we take this fact into account, we can understand why publishers ask authors to provide an index for their book. Once you completely understand the importance of including an effective index in your work (more about this topic, here), all you need is to find an indexing service.

However, choosing the right indexing agency or service is more complicated than it seems at first. So, let’s discuss which factors you should keep in mind when selecting an indexing service.

How much will an indexing service cost?

One of the questions many people ask themselves while looking for an indexing service is: how much will it cost? Price is one of the key factors people consider when selecting a particular indexing agency.

However, don’t let low prices seduce you. Indexing is demanding and time-consuming. Since it’s the last step of the publishing process, it can often be rushed. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a fast, but at the same time accurate and complete index, you should choose your indexing service carefully.

Because of the last-minute aspect of indexing, indexers usually work long hours. There is no weekend for them, and since the index often needs to be completed in the shortest possible time, they sometimes work all day and night. On the other hand, bear in mind that higher prices don’t automatically guarantee quality. You should find an optimal rate that suits your needs!

Charges usually start from a basic package, and they increase according to the complexity of the work. The best thing is to contact us and see what we can do for you. Once we find out what you need, we’ll be able to find an arrangement that suits you!

Where can you find a professional indexer?

Once you’ve worked out your budget, the next step is to choose a professional with years of experience in indexing. In short, a skilled professional is a must!

Sometimes, it’s not just the level of experience in indexing that matters. Some specific subjects, such as medical or legal texts, require a skilled indexer equipped with knowledge in the field.

That’s why Index Busters’ team consists of experts with different education and backgrounds.

Can machines index your work for you?

You might hear someone telling you that computers or software applications can finish the job better than a human. The truth is that they’re lying. It won’t!

Indexing software can produce lists, but they aren’t able to create organized and comprehensive structures. Unlike computers, a professional indexer is able to decide what is relevant and what is not.

In conclusion, the human brain remains unbeatable when it comes to indexing! Indexers use different programs to help us organize our work, but the human factor here is irreplaceable.

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