Our journey in the realm of book indexing has been enriched with partnerships with some of the most esteemed university presses and academic publishers. This not only showcases our expertise but also guarantees the unwavering standards we uphold. We take pride in being entrusted with manuscripts that require meticulous attention and precision. These collaborations have not only honed our skills but have also solidified our reputation as a team that thrives under the scrutiny of discerning editors and authors. When you choose us, you’re selecting a partner whose work has met the rigorous criteria of renowned publishers, ensuring that your manuscript receives the same level of dedication and excellence.

You can find our indexes in the books of


Bucknell University Press
Cambridge University Press
de Gruyter
Duke University Press
Edward Elgar
Lexington Books
State University of New York Press
University of California Press
University of Michigan Press
University Press of Colorado
University Press of Florida
Utah State University Press
Wesleyan University Press…


American Institute for Economic Research
Amplify Books
BenBella Books
Henry Holt and Company
Mascot Books
Newrome Press
Outskirts Press
Page Street Publishing
Princeton Architectural Press
Rowman & Littlefield
Seven Stories Press
Sutherland House


I used Indexbusters for my second book and I wish I had used them for my first! Their contact was immediate and their work was professional and done within the time frame they provided. I had some questions at first as this was my first time using them, and they were all answered fully and immediately. Their pricing was fair and it couldn’t have gone any better. Highly recommended!

Rocco Constantino, Author

Would definitely recommend indexbusters. I write as the editor of a collection of literary/historical essays for an academic press – the deadline for turnaround of page proofs and production of the index was tight, but David delivered by our agreed date. The index produced was comprehensive, high quality, and to Press specifications. I have no hesitation in recommending, whatever your project.

Glynis Ridley, Editor

I was reluctant at first due to my book ‘The World’s Biggest Lie a Trial for Truth’ being controversial and Indexbusters having a possible bias against my anti-religion, anti propaganda, and pro science and evidence stand, and cautious of paying in advance for something that may not work out well. They’ve done an excellent job, and had to somewhat digest the book in order to create the index as well as they did because connecting words to various sections of the book by content meaning alone takes comprehention. They were more than willing to add things I wanted also which were very few as they pretty much got it all. I’m happy with the results and feel lucky to have stumbled onto them in a short search for this service.

Andrew J. McQuinn, Author

Indexbusters did a stellar job indexing my book. They did a very thorough job of referencing both the abstract concepts and the more concrete topics. They did it all quickly, especially for a 400+ page book, and when I suggested a couple of additions to add they did those right away. All in all, a wonderful experience. I will use them again for my next books. I highly recommend Index busters, but only if you’re looking for fast indexing, expertly done. :-)

Chris T. Armstrong, Author

Lisa of Index Busters built an index for my medical education manual which had numerous indexable terms. The manual title was, “The 10-Minute Physical Exam; recognizing medical syndromes”, and was 175 pages. Her communication was prompt, cheerful, polite and professional. She was clear about turnaround time, which turned out to be quick. The index was much to my satisfaction. I requested a few additions, and she updated the index on the same day without extra charge. The cost for this service was very reasonable.

Clifford Chan-Yan, Author