Welcome to our indexing haven, a guild of book lovers who share a deep passion for the written word. Our team consists of skilled indexers who are also talented storytellers, meticulously crafting unique indexes that complement the narratives of each book.

Unlike other indexing boutiques that rely on the expertise of one or two individuals, our team is a diverse ensemble of over 10 dedicated full-time and part-time indexers, and all with the university degrees. This diversity is our strength, allowing us to traverse various disciplines, from humanities to STEM. Whether your manuscript delves into philosophical ideas or empirical pursuits, we possess the knowledge and passion to create an index that not only organizes but enhances the essence of your work. We don’t just index; we curate knowledge across genres, bringing a holistic understanding of the art and science of book indexing.

Our journey is marked by decades of collective experience, having collaborated with over 800 individual authors in the US. With our mark on the pages of over 1550 books, we take pride in being recognized as one of America’s esteemed indexing teams.

What sets us apart is not just the number of books we’ve worked on, but the profound connection we establish with each one. We consider ourselves custodians of stories, firm believers in the transformative power of a well-structured index to enhance the reader’s journey.

So why do we do what we do? It’s simple. We wholeheartedly love books—their scent, their tactile experience, and the enchantment that unfolds with each page turned. Our commitment extends beyond providing indexing services; we strive to be part of the storytelling process, ensuring that every book we touch becomes a masterpiece of organization.

Join us in celebrating the love of books. Partner with a team that views indexing not merely as a profession, but as a heartfelt endeavor where each index is a tribute to literature.