How to order index for your book

For a simple cost estimation we’ll need:

  • information about number of pages and target date
  • a sample from the document (10-20 pages)
  • any style preferences provided by the publisher

Please, provide us with this information via email, and we’ll create an offer for you.

To index your book, we should have:

  • A .pdf or .doc(x) file of the book pages.

Note that we can start working on an unfinished and unpaginated manuscript. Starting the index before its completed is an excellent way for you to save a few weeks in the book’s preparation. (If we are working on an unfinished manuscript, we assume no changes will be made to the text we are working with. We will still require a paginated version of the book to complete the index)

You do not have to provide a word list – that’s our job! However, we do encourage you to tell us all of your preferences, including keywords, if you find it useful.

The time needed to finish your index depends on the complexity of the material, the density of required indexing, and the number of indexes required. We accept rush jobs too at additional cost.

We can always create an index according to your requirements, but in case your publisher does not have a guidline for indexing, our indexes are based on rules according to the Chicago Manual of Style, which serves as a standard for index formats.

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